Wimps, Cowards, Do-Nothings, Excuse-Makers, 'Pretend Victims' And Snowflakes BEWARE. This Elite Brotherhood Is NOT For You. Spend Your Money on Milk & Cookies Sweetheart, You'll Be Much, Much Happier… I Promise You.

Join A 'Brotherhood' of ELITE Business Leaders, Dedicated Husbands, Connected Fathers & Community Service KINGS...

What Is It?

This is a 12-month mastermind that provides you with the custom plan, live trainings, tools, community, HARD coaching, accountability and SUPPORT necessary to help you build your business in a way that allows you to have COMPLETE control over:

  • The Hours you Work
  • The Money you make
  • The Prices you charge
  • ​The Number of employees you have
  • ​The Type of Clients you attract
  • ​The Experiences you get to live
  • And ​The FUN you get to enjoy.

YOUR World. YOUR Terms.


Nothing loftier than that.

Who Is It For?

The BadAss World-Builders Mastermind is for TOP 5%, High-Level 5 & 6-Figure Businessmen looking to get to a “7-figure Zen” level of personal income per year.

It's for Builders, Creators, KINGS, Doers, Closers and Rainmakers ONLY.

It's for the “Man in the Arena” who is going to DESTROY his competition over the next 3 years while the bottom 99% will be too scared to act, hiding under their beds in the fetal position.

If you are RELENTLESS, Driven, Determined, Generous, Already Successful but always Looking for the NEXT Level…

If you are one of the very few businessmen left in this world who has the skill, experience, GUTS, strength of character and integrity required to APPLY the type of high-level information that I dispense abundantly in this Mastermind…

And you are able and ready to sustain HARD coaching & accountability from myself and the rest of the Elite, Driven & Generous men inside this brotherhood, to FORCE you to elevate your game to an all-new level…

Then this may be for you.

Who Is It NOT For?

Let me be clear;

If you are a snowflake, excuse-maker, do-nothing, taker, or wannabe seeking the latest ‘Shiny NEW Object’ or the most recent ‘Get Rich Quick’ Scheme…

This is NOT for you.

If you are:

  • A Low Information, Low IQ “I’m so offended” type…
  • A Beginner with MORE time than money…
  • Someone who feels entitled to results without putting in the hard work…
  • A Whiner or Complainer…
  • ​A Businessman unwilling to invest in his business, marketing, marriage, family, health, and himself…
  • ​A man satisfied with his current levels of wealth, freedom, independence, control, autonomy and fun…

I recommend a HARD pass.

Spend your money on milk and cookies. You’ll be much happier, I promise you.

Fact is, this brotherhood is really NOT intended for everyone.

Please understand this is wholly inadequate for average, ordinary or mediocre Businessmen and Entrepreneurs.

How Does It Work?

  • Custom Plan: We map out your World-Building SUCCESS Path so you have complete CLARITY and unwavering FOCUS as to what needs to be done to accomplish all your goals.
  • ​LIVE Trainings: We meet twice a month - Wednesday's @ 11am-1pm EST - for online private training sessions. 
  • Community: Create Powerful Connections inside a Brotherhood of ELITE, Driven & Wildly Generous Businessmen. You are stepping inside of a HIGH-VELOCITY, Success-Driven Environment that will FORCE you to elevate your game like never before.
  • Coaching: You can ask me (and other members of the brotherhood) any question during the LIVE trainings, and you can Fax me your private questions at any time during the year.
  • Accountability: You will be required to provide updates to your brothers about your wins, losses, championships and failures, to hold you ACCOUNTABLE through this process.
  • ​Support: Get 24/7 support via our Private Online Locker Room or email/text/fax my H.B.B.I.C (Head BadAss Bitch In Charge) Assistant LeeAnn Brennan anytime.
  • Celebrity Guest Speakers: We will be hosting Celebrity Guest Speakers on our online trainings a few times per year where you will be able to meet them, ask your questions, and learn at the feet of giants. Some of our past speakers include Ric Flair, Mike Ditka, Claude Julien, Doberman Dan, Mike Capuzzi, Dwayne Casey, and more. 

How Much Is It?


I could easily charge $50,000 or more for you to get this kind of access and personalized training.

And that's not even taking into account the TOP 1% Success Environment that you will step into, and the powerful associations you will create with your Mastermind Brothers…. that will last a lifetime.

You know this - but if you're the AVERAGE of the 5 people you surround yourself with, imagine the MINDSET shift that you will experience standing toe-to-toe, shoulder to shoulder with 49 other High-Level 6 and 7-Figure earners who demand and expect you to step up to their level.

This is the BIG Leagues.

This Brotherhood is like the NAVY Seals of living life and doing business on YOUR own terms.

The World Builders Mastermind costs U.S. $9,800 per year. 

Which comes down to just about $27 per day.

LESS than what the "Quiet Desperation" herd spends on lunch and sugary drinks these days.

If you're not willing to invest a measly $27 per day in weaponizing your business, your marketing, your mindset, your mental & physical health, and your personal relationships… then I can't help you. This isn't for you.

This is for CHAMPIONS… NOT Chumps. Winners who are willing to invest in themselves… NOT Do-Nothings & Excuse-making 'pretend victims'.

Michael, I Heard This Mastermind Comes With The Most OUTRAGEOUS "Brass Balls" Guarantee That The World Has Ever Seen… Is This True?

Yes. If you qualify and you're serious about wanting to transform your business and your personal world…

I want to ELIMINATE any EXCUSE or DOUBT that could possibly stand in your way from making this life-changing decision.


If MOST Businessmen had to guarantee what came out of their pretentious little mouths in 2023…

They would be broke in a New York minute.

You know it. And I know it.

Even though this mastermind only comes down to about $27 per day…

An investment that ANY legitimate business owner could afford….

I understand that you want some reassurances, that this Mastermind will help you accomplish just what I said it will do for you. 

So here's what I'm willing to do.

Not only am I guaranteeing your 100% satisfaction during the entirety of this mastermind…

But if at the end of the year, you've done everything that I've asked and you DON'T get the transformations that I'm promising here…

Not only am I going to refund you the entire amount of your investment… 

I will also personally cut you a cheque for an additional $5,000 for having wasted your time. 

Which means you have ZERO risk… and you have everything to gain.

But here's a word of WARNING:

Do NOT join this brotherhood if you're not ready to be coached hard. 

Do NOT join if you're not ready to put in the work that is expected.

Because I can promise you…

I will make you UNCOMFORTABLE.

You will RESIST change (at first). 

But therein lies the true POWER of being a part of an ELITE Mastermind Group.

You will be supported by your World-Building Brothers, who are on the same journey to reach TOP 1% Wealth, Freedom, Control & Personal Sovereignty as you. 

You will be placed in an environment that will FORCE you to think BIGGER, move FASTER and elevate your game like never before.

If you're NOT serious about becoming the BEST entrepreneur, father, husband and community leader that you can possibly be… 

If you're NOT willing to "turn your back" on anything that is LESS than TOP 1% results.

And you're not dedicated to doing what it takes to build the ULTIMATE BadAss World of Your Dreams…

Do NOT bother joining.

Leave your spot to someone else who will actually step up and rise as the KING of his castle. 

Scared poodles and de-balled house cats do NOT survive in this harsh DO or DIE environment. 

This is the BIG Leagues of living life and doing business on YOUR own terms.

Understood Michael. Do I Get Any Additional Bonuses?


You also get the following Bonuses:

  • BadAss WORLD-BUILDERS Mastermind Gear (Value $300). T-Shirt, Books, Journals, World-Building Secret Tools, etc.
  • ​Access To The Past Recordings. You have access to all of the past 'World-Builders' Mastermind training sessions. A literal goldmine of Business, Money, Mindset, Relationship, Systems and World-Building Secrets. Look, you can generate 10x more profit from one single session alone than the cost of this entire mastermind (IF you apply what I teach) And when you join, you get access to all the previous material which will help accelerate your results exponentially. 
  • FAX & MAIL access to me with your questions – you can ask me any question you want about Business, Marketing, Marriage, Family, Health, Time Management, Community Service (and anything else I am qualified to answer) and I will reply back to you by FAX or REAL Mail personally. No, we will NOT be pen pals (Only my CHAMPIONS Mastermind Members who pay $50,000 per year get this kind of personal access to me) but you can ask me any question and I will reply.
  • Special Discounts on most of my other products and services.
  • Bonus Teachings: From time to time I also include bonus interviews, videos, webinar trainings, special reports and other related topics.
  • My Private $155,000,000 Personality Marketing Swipe File: Get your hands on the EXACT Marketing & Promotional pieces that have been responsible for me selling well over $155,000,000 worth of products and services over the last 17 years. This is worth the price of admission for this Mastermind by itself. Swipe, copy, steal away and put these ads to work for YOU (you have my blessing). These ads work no matter the industry, no matter the competition. All I ask is that you change my photo, because I don't look like you, and you don't look like me.

BADASS!!! Michael, I'm Ready To Join Right NOW! How Do I Get Started?

Not so fast, skippy.

I don't just let any drooling biz-op addict into my BadAss World-Building Society.

That would be a major disservice to the rest of my brothers inside this Mastermind.

I need to know that you are qualified and serious about this.

I need to know that you will do the work that is required and will bring something of value to this group.

If you want in, you need to fill out the short application form that is at the bottom of this page.

5 simple questions - so I can get to know you a little bit.

Once the form is submitted, you will have to pay a $97 fully refundable application deposit fee. 

This is to show me that you are serious about applying (and to scare away the "Tomato Cans" and "Time Vampires"). 

If you do not submit the refundable application deposit, I will not look at your application. It's that simple.

Men who can't follow these simple directions aren't welcomed.

If you are accepted, the $97 will be deducted from the Mastermind fee. If you do not qualify, your $97 will be refunded automatically.

Click on the button below if you are ready to get started. 

What Some of Your BadAss World-Building Brothers Are Saying...

Spent Well Over $300,000...

“I've Spent Well Over $300,000 in Books, Programs, Courses, Events and Masterminds over the Years. Being A Part of Your Mastermind And Your World-Building Newsletter Brotherhood is by far the best investment I've ever made. Thank You Michael."
- Sir David Linton
Owner & CEO of Everlast Epoxy, 
The Tennessee Flooring King Columbia, TN, USA

Never Seen Anything Like This Before.

"I have been a student of personal & professional development for 15 years now, building a $40M agency and have NEVER seen anything like what Michael offers here. I have been able to completely systematize my entire world now thanks to Michael."
- Sir Billy Wagner
Owner, Brightway Insurance
Dedicated Father, Relentless Husband, Ponte Vedra Beach, Fl

BadAss Discipline = BadAss Freedom

"This Mastermind has been an absolute game changer for me. Just the mental drive and the framework for doing things your way has allowed me to build the business and the world that I always wanted for myself. If you want to do the same then you need to get a hold of Michael and become a part of this group immediately."
- Sir Jimmy Lefebvre
LeFebvre Corporations, 
BadAss Consultant (And Outlaw Biker),
Father, Husband, Community Leader

Kick Ass: Take Names

“What can I say... This Mastermind has completely transformed me. I do NOT recognize the man I am today compared to even just a few months ago. Michael has helped me shift from a Top 5% Mindset, to a true TOP 1% Mindset and the results have simply been incredible. 
I move smarter & faster than ever before and feel like I’ve gained the Ultimate unfair advantage over everyone else."
- Sir Stephen Evanko
Owner, Delaware Insurance Advisors, OH, USA

Sold My Porsche For A John Deere Tractor.

“I am almost 70, and 3 years ago, when all my friends were downsizing and moving into retirement communities, I did the exact opposite. I sold my McMansion, bought a 10-acre farm, and traded my Porsche for a new John Deere tractor. I began to work on my health and got a Cross fit trainer, “my wealth is in my health.” What has really helped me get into gear has been your Michael McLean Daily "Kick In The Pants Videos", your World-Building Letter and now this BadAss World-Builders Mastermind. Pure Wealth, Health and Relationship-Building Gold. I am getting in better health and my business has never been stronger. Now when I go to the local diner for breakfast, I see these guys my age get out of their fancy sports cars and looking frail. It’s like the better, faster, and more powerful their cars get the physically frailer they become. Forever grateful, Michael."
- Sir George Meschter
Owner, Meschter Insurance
Collegeville, PA, USA


“I feel compelled to say Thank you. Michael, you have randomly dropped into my life at a time when I needed you. You have single-handedly pulled me out of a black hole of funk that I have been in for some time. 88 Days, walking, reading, writing, marketing, water, etc... has completely changed my life, my mindset, and I just can’t thank you enough. It has trickled down to my family as well. My oldest son is away at college and last night as I always do I Faced Timed him to check in.
As he was saying good night he said:
“Dad, don’t forget, Be Relentless!”
- Sir Robert Boyd
President / Managing Member, Aspen Agency, Inc.
Oakwood Insurance Agency, LLC


"One Word: UN-FUCK-WITH-ABLE. If you’re serious about wanting to become 10-Feet Tall and Bullet-Proof (as Michael likes to say), then this Mastermind is the place to do it. I’ve taken my game to an ALL-NEW level and have never been more focused & motivated than I am today.”
- Sir Brad Neihouser
Commercial Real Estate Broker,
Farmland Specialist, Relentless Husband and Father

Saved Me Countless Headaches

"Michael and I go way back. I can’t remember the number of headaches and costly mistakes that have been avoided thanks to Michael’s advice. I’ve recently had a major health transformation (losing 77 pounds) and Michael’s Hardcore Motivation has helped me not only keep the weight off, but also get in the very best shape of my life. As a former #1 Nationally Ranked All-State Agent and Business Consultant, I am now in the process of starting up a BRAND NEW company in a completely different industry and Michael has once again provided a bullet-proof blueprint for building this company the RIGHT way - on my terms. Thank you brother."
- Sir Bill Gough
Former #1 All-State Agent, Owner of BGI Systems, Killen, AL, USA

Top 1% Performance And Results.

"Michael’s teachings have taken my personal life and my real estate business to an entire NEW level. Top 1% performance and results. There is a significant difference in thinking, mindset and behavior – when it comes to moving from a 6-figure entrepreneur to a 7-figure businessman. Nobody does a more impressive job of teaching the ‘insider secrets’ to this transition than Michael McLean. Thank you helping me take my business and my life from Ordinary to Extraordinary."
- Sir Willie Miranda
Real Estate Agent, Brokerage Owner, Consultant, Naples, FL

Frequently Asked Questions...

Do You Offer BadAss Payment Plans?


We offer the following plans:

1. 1 x $9800 (most popular)

2. 4 instalments of $2,797

3. 12 instalments of $997

Do I Have To Attend The 2x per Month Training Sessions Live?


But you are expected to review the trainings and submit your homework EVERY Two Weeks, otherwise you will be cut down to the minors and sent packing (in other words, I will kick you out of this mastermind).

You do NOT want to test me. 

I have been in a 'Safe Harbor' financial position for the last decade… I have NO need to work for money.

I work relentlessly and "bust my ass" creating the trainings and facilitating this Mastermind because this is my Personal MISSION. This is my PURPOSE. This is my CALLING.

This is my SIGNIFICANCE. This is my BadAss LEGACY.

Serving ELITE, Generous and Driven Men like YOU… Helping You Build Your Own BadAss World.

"Unlocking The Door" to living life and doing business on your own terms.

Freedom, Control, Independence, Autonomy… Personal Sovereignty.

But you MUST do the work.

If not, no worries. I will refund your money and you'll be booted out of this brotherhood before you even get a chance to explain yourself.

Excuses are REPELLANT to success and winning. Results are the only thing that matters.

As a former Pro Hockey Coach and Team Owner, I will coach you like a Professional "Decision-Making" ATHLETE, and you will be expected to act like one. 

Grow or GONE.

My world. My rules. Welcome to 'Planet BadAss'.

Is This Mastermind Focused On Business & Marketing Only?


If you are asking this, it means you did NOT carefully read the sales letter you're looking at, which means I do NOT want you as part of this brotherhood anyway. 

I want businessmen to THINK through this investment, not just blindly apply like a drooling "business opportunity" addict without a real business, who hops from one thing to another without ever sticking to anything.

This Mastermind covers ALL topics involved in World-Building:

Business, Marketing, Money, Mindset, Time Management, Mental & Physical Health, Personal Relationships, Community Impact & Creating a BadAss LEGACY that your children, grandchildren, and great grand-children will be proud to know and recognize.

Is The Guarantee IRON Clad?


If you are NOT 100% satisfied at any time during the next 12 months, you can ask for a refund and your money will be sent back immediately.

And if you dedicate yourself for the full 12 months, apply everything I teach, and aren't happy with your results… simply let me know and I will cut you a cheque for an additional $5,000… for having wasted your time.

Now look… 

If you're coming into this half-heartedly, and you‘re not ready to commit to the process and go all in…

I can already GUARANTEE that this will NOT work out for you.

You will see zero results.

This will be a GIANT waste of time for both you and I.

So if you're not SERIOUS about this - DO NOT APPLY. 

Save your precious time and money, and save me the headache. 

Since I have the INTEGRITY to provide this IRON CLAD guarantee…

You need to have the INTEGRITY to come into this with the right intentions, and work ethic.

I will go as far as saying that - by now - if you have ANY doubts whatsoever… don't bother joining. It's not for you and that's okay. 

It's either a "HELL Yes"... or a "HELL No"...

All the same to me.

If you're ready to get started, apply below NOW.


Michael "World-Building Heavy-Weight Champion" McLean

 Apply Here Now:


P.S. If you skipped all the way down without carefully reading this letter, do NOT apply. 

Lazy Punch-Drunk Tomato Cans, Time Vampires and LOW IQ Boot-Lickers who can't read or focus are NOT welcomed. Save your precious time and money sweetheart, "W1NNING" wants nothing to do with you.

P.S. If you skipped all the way down without carefully reading this letter, do NOT apply. 

Lazy Punch-Drunk Tomato Cans, Time Vampires and LOW IQ Boot-Lickers who can't read are NOT welcome. Save your precious time and money sweetheart, "W1NNING" wants nothing to do with you.

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